Gong level-1

Level -1 Gong Training: Dates To Be Announced

Sound is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit. - Beethoven

2-Day Level 1: Gong Training Retreat- The Science of Sound

The Gong is unlike other musical instruments that use specific keys and notes which can be practiced, remembered, and counted on. This is a non-linear sound instrument, meaning its sound and strokes play off one another and intertwine with each other. This has a profound calming & quieting effect on the mind and nervous system of the player and listener.  Our 2-days gong training is at our Seventh Chakra Retreat center in Temecula, CA (Retreat Photos & Location).

This includes 2-day training, meals, overnight stay, and participation in an afternoon Sound Bath (4-6 pm, Sat 19th)

Where words fail, music speaks…..

Our Gong Practitioner Training is a Seventh Chakra Certificated Program. The 10-hour intensive training gives you in-depth knowledge, practical skills, and hands-on experience you need to become an intuitive gong player and skillful artist of deep relaxation and sound healing.

The gong is just the starting point for exploring sound, your emotions, your habits, relationality, the workings of energy, and so many other aspects of our human experience.

This is a beginner’s course in Gong playing, so no prior experience is needed. We will meet you where you are and help you learn the basics of gong playing and expand your knowledge on how sound affects our biology, emotions, perceptions, and our mind.

We will explore the types and styles of mallet strokes and special techniques for creating melodic and meditative sounds, we will explore sound-shaping & layering, styles and fundamental gong playing sequences, gong equipment, purchase, and care.

We will also discuss the mistakes and foibles that can and should be avoided during playing to assure the most consistent and nurturing environment for your audience.  You will come away confident with your ability to hold space and help yourself and others reach deep meditative states through sound.

Course Dates:

Day #1: March 19th  Arrive 8am |  Day #2: March 20th Depart 5pm |  


* Supervised hands-on playing and feedback
* Detailed Gong Practitioner Manual
* Multiple experiments for linking sound-breath-body
* Integration of eastern & western sound philosophies
* Participation in afternoon sound bath
* Meals and overnight stay


Completion of this 2-day course attendance, coursework, and practitioner assessment will be presented with a Seventh Chakra Yoga “Gong Specialist Level-1” Certification and will be invited to play and practice at our evening and overnight sound baths.

Peter DeBellis is one of the co-owners of Seventh Chakra Yoga. He has deep faith in the potential of humans to continually grow, evolve and understand the true nature of this life we’ve been given. Nature is his touchstone and it constantly reminds him of the simple elegance and rhythms of life. He has been teaching Gong Training since 2014 at Seventh Chakra Yoga. Using a variety of methods of play and viewing the Gong as a mirror reflecting back our own connection or disconnection at the moment.

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