Seventh Chakra Retreat Center

Our Seventh Chakra retreat center is located in Temecula, CA.  Our center is immersed in nature and the beautiful year-round Mediterranean climate of Southern California.  We design this space for many purposes, inner exploration & healing, personal & spiritual growth, connecting with other like-minded seekers, and a space to exhale and relax.  We look forward to having you visit and join us in your journey.

What People Are Saying

A space to heal & grow.  Amazing space, energy, and people.  You grow here!  ~Sinead The space is simply magical  ~Natasha  |  This space allowed me to feel free to just be me! ~Ruby  |  A space to be free, joyful, graceful, and open.  Feels like home. ~Nik Pure Magic! ~Hetal  |  Talk about enchantment!  If you want that feel-good moment and your heart to melt, this is the place! ~Dina  Think about your favorite grandmother, her tenderness, affection, warmth, and care and you will understand the frequency of Priya & Peter’s home.  If you are feeling like an outcast, they will give you a home in this world.  More importantly, they will show you the home within yourself. ~John

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Getting to Our Retreat Center